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Why We Don't Sell Mink Lashes...

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

In 2019 Doll Beauty, a UK based cosmetic and lash retailer agreed to stop claiming its mink lashes were cruelty free. Previously they had suggested the mink fur used in its range of lashes, often promoted by celebrities, was shed by animals living in safe and happy environments, although had always been unable to back up these claims with any evidence. Sadly, despite it now being accepted that mink lashes are not in anyway cruelty free, Doll and others brands such as Tatti lashes continue to sell them.

Mink fur used in lashes is collected from mink farms. These are not the idyllic free range places that some dishonest retailers try to tell you. Mink are kept in small cages where they have very little room to move and cannot swim or burrow, both very important natural behaviours for mink in the wild. Often they are not given enough food or water and are seen as a commodity rather than a life.

To get the fur from the mink they are usually electrocuted, have their necks broken, gassed or simply hit very hard on the head with a blunt object. The skins are often torn from their bodies whilst they are still alive.

Some mink farms have even claimed that the mink are brushed lovingly and the fur collected this way. Mink are wild animals who are terrified of humans. They will not sit and allow someone to brush them. It would be a terrifying ordeal for them and would cause them to fight and become aggressive.

Here at Natural Essentoils we do not sell mink lashes and never will. There is no way anyone can think selling mink lashes is morally acceptable, let alone cruelty free. All of the lashes from our Cruelty Free Lash Shop range are made from synthetic hair and cotton thread. We even pack them in our own unique plastic free packaging.

You wouldn't buy a fur coat, so next time you are shopping for lashes please consider using a business that does not sell mink. By selling mink lashes these brands support, and are complicit in, the cruelty towards these beautiful, wild animals.

You can find more information on mink lashes via these links:

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