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Essentoil Points

Earn points and turn them into rewards

Essentoil Points is Natural Essentoils loyalty program to thank you for your continued custom and support. Each time you make a purchase you are rewarded with Essentoil Points which can be be exchanged for money off future orders.

How do I sign up?

To join the Essentoill Points program simply click "Join Essentoil Points" above


How do you earn Essentoil Points?


You are rewarded with 1 Essentoil Point for every £1 spent at


You will also receive 50 Essentoil Points simply by signing up to the program.


If you have previously made a purchase from Natural Essentoils using your sign up email address we will automatically add the Essentoil Points that your most recent purchase would have earned to your balance*.


If you used a different email address for your most recent purchase, contact us here, and we will do our best to link the order to your Essentoil Points account


What are the rewards?


Essentoil Points rewards are easy to earn and even easier to use.



Reach 65 points and get £2 off your next order


Reach 100 points and get £5 off your next order


Reach 150 points and get £10 off your next order


Reach 250 points and get £20 off your next order




If you have any questions about Essentoil Points you can contact us here


*Previous purchase points may take up to 24 hours to appear on your balance

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