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5 Tips for Better Sleep in Hot Weather

5 tips for better sleep in hot weather

As much of the UK is currently experiencing its highest temperatures of the year so far, many of us are struggling to fall asleep at night. With some parts of the country set to see overnight temperatures of 20°C or more, what are the best ways to fall asleep this summer.

We've put together our top five tips to beat the night time heat.

1) Avoid Napping

While this applies for better sleep all through the year, it is particularly important during the summer months. Warm weather makes us feel lethargic and causes an overwhelming desire to nap during the day. Don't!!! The less sleep you have before bedtime, the more tired you feel and the easier it is to fall asleep at night.

2) Close the Curtains and Open the Windows

This one is so basic yet so many of us don't remember to do it. While the temptation is to let all of that glorious sunshine flood through the windows into your home, it is actually better to keep all of your blinds and curtains closed during the day to keep the hot sun out. You should also close all the windows on the sunny side of your home.

At night, open up all of the windows you can to allow a cooling breeze to flow.

3) Just Chill

Using a fan on a warm summer night helps to evaporate sweat, which can make you feel more comfortable. You can also try filling a hot water bottle with ice cold water or even put some socks in the fridge or freezer a couple of hours before bed. Having cool feet can help to keep your body temperature down. Just make sure you use clean socks, yeah!?!

4) Remain Calm

If the heat is making you feel like it is impossible to sleep, get up and do something. Read a book, write in your journal or even do a couple of light chores you put off earlier in the day. Whatever you do, do not reach for your phone or other devices. They might make you feel less bored but they emit a blue light that actually stimulates you, making it even harder to sleep.

Tips for sleep in summer

5) Reach for the Lavender

For centuries people have used lavender to help improve their sleep, which is why we put lavender essential oil in out natural pillow sprays.

Spraying your pillow and duvet before bed will help to create a calm and relaxing environment ideal for a good night's sleep.

We currently have 3 sleep improving pillow sprays available, 1 for adults and 2 specially formulated for kids. Each is natural, cruelty free and vegan. They are also available as a plastic free refill bottle.

tips for better sleep hot weather

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