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How to Make Edible Fake Blood

It is that time of year again where we dress up all ghoulish and gory and celebrate all things ghostly. Yes, pick up a pumpkin and stock up on sweets, it's Halloween!

If there is one thing sure to add some extra eeeewww to your costume it's fake blood. Whether it's dripping from a fake wound or staining a ripped T shirt it is an absolute must have for Halloween parties.

Follow our simple guide to make your own fake blood that is edible, vegan and made with only 4 easy to find household ingredients.

You Will Need:

Golden Syrup

Red Food Colouring

Blue Food Colouring (Make sure both of your food colourings are vegan and don't contain carmine / cochineal)



A Jug or Bowl

A spoon or Other Stirrer

1) Pour 4 tablespoons of Golden Syrup into a jug or bowl

2) Add some red food colouring and mix. Add more until you get a deep red colour similar to blood.

Fake blood being mixed in a glass jug

3) Add some blue food colouring and water and mix until you get a realistic blood colour and consistency.

4) Spread it across your skin, on to old clothes or create fake wounds to add some extra gore to your Halloween.

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