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Vegan Party Ring Milkshake

Did you know Fox's Party Ring biscuits are vegan? Of course you did. But, did you know that with only a few simple ingredients you can make a delicious vegan party ring shake?

There was a time when following a plant based diet meant missing out on some of your favourite treats but as more and more food manufacturers, retailers and restaurants increase and improve their vegan offerings that is becoming a thing of the past.

So gather up your ingredients and indulge in this amazing vegan milkshake


You will need:

- Fox's Mini Party Rings (2 x 21g bags)

- Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream (we love Swedish Glace Smooth Vanilla from Walls)

- Soya Milk (we used Alpro Soya Chilled Drink)

- Vegan Squirty Cream (we used Food Heaven Whipped Spray Cream)

- Glass (approx. 500ml)

- Paper Straws


- Add 2 scoops of the ice cream and 1 packet of mini Party Rings into a blender. Blend until the ice cream is smooth and there are only small pieces of the biscuits.

- Add around 300ml of the soya milk and blend until it is combined and creamy.

- Take a few party rings from the second packet and put them to one side. Crush the remaining biscuits with a rolling pin and add them to the ice cream mixture, stirring in well. Pour into the glass

- Spray the cream over the top of the shake and decorate with the Party Rings you saved.

- Place the straw through the cream and enjoy!


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