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What is Zero Waste and how are we doing our bit...

What is zero waste and how we are doing our bit!

Recently we have been hearing the term “Zero Waste” cropping up more and more. But what does it actually mean?

Put simply zero waste is a set of principles with the goal of sending no rubbish to landfill, incinerator or the oceans. This is achieved a number of ways including:

- Refusing materials and packaging you don't need

- Reducing materials and packaging you do need

- Reusing materials through repurposing

- Recycling the materials you can't reuse

- Composting waste rather than putting it in the bin

As a small business we have been shocked and often appalled by the number of large beauty businesses that keep churning out products in plastic packaging with no attempt to reduce it, putting profit before planet. Many of these large brands claim to be cruelty free but is this really true when they are adding more and more plastic waste into the environment. In a bid to do out part, we decided very early on to try and run Natural Essentoils as a zero waste business. But how do we do this?

- All of our make up brush soaps and cruelty free lashes are packed without any plastic packaging.

- We have removed the detailed paper instructions from our brush soaps and replaced them with a QR code and online guide, removing a large amount of paper

- Our cruelty free lashes are held in place with recyclable card strips rather than single use plastic most lash brands use

- All of our orders are packed in cardboard boxes and protected with our 100% biodegradable packing chips. The packages are then secured with recyclable paper tape rather than the usual plastic parcel tape.

As a small business we have been able to put these simple processes in place to allow us to do our bit to reduce waste and look after our planet. When purchasing beauty products please consider us smaller brands that are trying to make small changes for a longer term larger impact

You can find more tips on becoming more eco friendly here

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