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5 reasons why you should clean your make up brushes

Cleaning your make up brushes is one of those chores we know we really ought to do but we end up putting off. It can be boring and we can't use them again until they are dry. They might look absolutely filthy but they still work, so why bother? Well here are five reasons why you really need to clean those brushes.

1) It helps reduce acne breakouts

Over time make up brushes collect bacteria. These bacteria can be a contributing factor to acne. So the more you clean them, the less acne causing bacteria in your brushes.

2) It helps remove harmful bacteria

The bacteria that your make up brushes accumulate can do much more harm that just acne. Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and E. Coli have all been found on dirty make up brushes and can cause some pretty nasty skin and eye infections. Cleaning them will help to remove this harmful bacteria.

3) It helps you look better

You might be really talented when it comes to applying make up and you might buy the most highly rated products but that all becomes irrelevant if you are using dirty brushes. Dead skin, oils and dried make up all clog up your brushes meaning you simply cannot get the best application.

4) It keeps the bristles softer

Cleaning your make up brushes with a specialist cleaner, such as our Brush Soap, will keep your bristles soft. This means less irritation on your skin

5) It lengthens the life span of brushes

Cleaning your make up brushes regularly will keep them in the best condition giving you the best application but also lengthening the lifespan of your brushes. Like anything, the better you look after it, the longer it will last. The cleaner your brushes, the less often you have to replace them, saving you money.

Each Natural Essentoils Brush Soap will clean over 400 brushes. On average people have 8 make up brushes they use regularly. That means you could clean them roughly once a week for a whole year with one brush soap. Costing you less than 22p a week!


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